Android Transfer for PC

Android Transfer for PC allows you to transfer files and applications seamlessly between your PC and multiple mobile devices

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    Windows Vista / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Android Transfer for PC is a simple app that lets you transfer data from one device to another. It works especially well for those who own an Android phone and want to save files on their computer. You can transfer images and even music and video files to your computer and create back ups of those files for future use.

If you're like most people, you probably take your cell phone with you everywhere. This new model can keep you constantly connected to the internet and comes with a phone that also acts like a camcorder for capturing both still and moving images. You can then upload all those images and videos to your favorite social media site. With this app, you can now transfer copies of those files from your phone or tablet to your computer, which lets you create a backup that ensures you never lose that content.

This app is also really easy to use. When you open Android Transfer for PC, you'll see a simple screen. All you need to do is plug in your phone, which you can do with a micro USB or a similar cord. To transfer a file, simply click that file in your phone and drag it to this screen. The opposite will work too. Clicking and dragging on a file on your computer lets you transfer that data from your computer to your phone or another connected device.

As you can now transfer data from your computer, you'll have easier access to all your favorite programs and files. You can save copies of your favorite family photos and other treasured images on your phone for sharing with others. If you like listening to music on a mobile device, you no longer need to download a streaming music app or any other type of music app. You can simply transfer the song and media files from your computer to that device. The app will even show you the amount of space remaining on your device.

Android Transfer for PC can also help you connect and transfer files between a device with an Android operating system and an Apple operating system. Although this feature may not work with all Apple devices, it does work with many. You can now share pictures, videos, music, and programs with your friends.

Another great feature of this app is its menu, which shows you how far along you are in each process. The menu lets you see each file in your queue. You can see whether the file is in the installation process or is still pending and how much of the file installed or uploaded. The app also shows you the name of each file and the type of file it is, such as an audio file or photo. As soon as the process completes, you will also see the size of the file. If you decide to stop a file or transfer it later, click the X button on the top right side of the line. This will cancel the transfer process.

Android Transfer for PC also lets you better manage the files on your phone. Most smartphones today come with a settings option that shows you the settings for your phone, the files that you have on your phone, and the amount of space left both on the phone and on any memory card that you added. With this app, you can actually view all the files on your phone, find simple information about those files, and manage all those files too.

This app actually helps you better organize all those files. You may not realize that your smartphone saves temporary files from the websites that you viewed or the searches that you perform. It can also retain files from those times you accidentally hit the camera button and took photos. With this app, you can now delete all the files that you no longer want or need, and the app helps you easily locate all those files.

Similar apps charge extra fees for using organization and management tools, but all those features come free with this app. Once you click on the management tool, you can let the app locate and sort all the files on your phone into categories based on file type. When you find a file that you do not want to use, delete it in seconds.

With this app, you can organize files right on your computer screen. This is a helpful feature for those using a smartphone with a smaller screen that they may not easily see. Each change that you make on your computer screen will almost instantly happen on your phone too.

If you have multiple Android devices, you'll love this app even more because it lets you connect all those devices to your computer. You can then use one single account to access all the files on one device and make changes across all those devices at the same time. This app lets you move and share files across your tablet, MP3 player, computer, smartphone, and any other device that uses an Android operating system.

Although there are similar transfer apps on the market, many of those apps charge an upfront fee or a fee for the additional services that you need. Android Transfer for PC is completely free to use and works with both newer and older versions of Android. You can now save and share files on all your favorite devices almost instantly.


  • Provides an easy way to transfer files between two devices
  • Can transfer files fairly quickly
  • Compatible with newer and older Android operating systems
  • May work with some Apple devices
  • Allows for the transfer of both documents and media files


  • Only works with Android phones and devices
  • May require regular updates in the future
  • Must leave the app running to manage your files
  • Doesn't offer many new features when compared to similar apps

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